ABOUT Nevada

Capital: Carson City

State abbreviation/Postal code: Nev./NV

Nickname: Sagebrush State / Silver State

Origin of name: Based on an Spanish word means : "snowcapped".

Briefs on Nevada:

Nevada, the seventh largest state in the United States is reckoned as a place of contrasts and contradictions. This desert state located in the western united state is known for producing strange visions such as a big blue lake appearing in the middle of a parched landscape etc. Moreover a part of the state is covered with huge mountains while the other is completely urban in nature. But whatever may be the case, the fact remains that the natural beauty of Nevada is mind blowing.

With vibrant and pulsating cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada becomes an all the more happening place to spend your vacations. Las Vegas is the largest city of the state and is in the middle of a desert like a mirage. The place is globally acclaimed for its nightlife in which activities such as gaming, drinking, strip club hopping etc. are at their best.

To forty minutes south of Reno City is the Carson City, the capital of Nevada. Carson City is characterized by elegant buildings, historical museums (Railroad Museum, Nevada State Museum), thrilling casinos and much more.

Geographically Nevada shares its borders with Oregon and Idaho to the north, California to the west, Arizona to the southeast and Utah to the east. The population of the state is 1,998,257 approximately.


Pondering over the history of the state we find that Nevada has a rich history to its name. At the end of 17th century there were Priest Kino expeditions in the region through north Mexico and south United States. Nevada was passed under the governance of Spain, belonging to the Viceroyalty of the New Spain.

In 1821 Nevada territory became a part of the First Mexican Empire of Agustin de Iturbide. Till 1823 it remained a part of this empire. Nevada became a member of the United States after the Mexico, American war that began in 1847 and continued for a year.

This transfer of the Nevada territory took place under the Guadalupe- Hidalgo Treaty. On 14th august 1850 the US congress founded the Utah territory. This Utah territory comprised of the current day states of Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

After being a member of the Utah region for a sometime, on 2nd march 1861 Nevada separated from it. It was then that Nevada adopted its present name that is derived from the Spanish term Sierra Nevada, which means snowy range. On 31st October 1864 Nevada became the 31st state of the United States. On 8th November presidential elections were held in the region and Abraham Lincoln was re-elected as the president of the state.

On 5th may 1866 Nevada acquired a part of the Pah-Ute County in the Arizona Territory, to the west of the Colorado River. This land transfer that was due to the discovery of gold in that area, gave Nevada its current land square area.

The addition of a mining area proved to be a boon for the economy of the state. The population in the region increased and he state?s economy experienced a boom.

Later gambling became a commonplace in Nevada but in 1909 it was ushered out of the state. However in order to make up for the losses suffered at the time of the Great Depression, gambling was legalized in Nevada around 1931.

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