ABOUT Louisiana

Capital: Baton Rouge

State abbreviation/Postal code: La./LA

Nickname: Pelican State

Origin of name: Named in honor of France's King Louis XIV.

Briefs on Louisiana:

In 1803 America had purchased Louisiana from French in fifteen million dollar. A visit to Louisiana will assure you that the state is worth the price. With beautiful 19th century old magnificent mansions scattered all over, distinctive scenic beauty and cultural uniqueness, Louisiana is definitely a treat to your body and soul.

For travelers the Louisiana cities like New Orleans are a different experience all together. Famous for the Cajun menu, Old French Quarter, Lafayette and Lugu Lake, New Orleans offers some of the most attractive places in the entire country. The other important city is Baton Rogue. Located on the Mississippi river this capital city of Louisiana is known for a variety of plantations.

Spreading in an area of 134, 382 square kilometers Louisiana is a southern state of the United States of America. To the west of Louisiana is the state of Texas; to the north lies Arkansas, Mississippi State to the east and Gulf of Mexico to the south. The population of Louisiana is 4,468,976 approximately.

The first people to inhabit the land of Louisiana were Native Americans. In 17th century there was an influx of European explorers in the region. The foremost European explorers visited the state in 1528. In 1541 an expedition led by Hernando de Soto crossed the Louisiana land.

The later half of 17th century witnessed several French expeditions. These expeditions made with sovereign, religious and commercial aims established a foothold on the Mississippi river and the gulf coast. In the 18th century settlement and colonization commenced in the region.


With the first settlements France claimed a big part of North America. From the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, France planned to start up commercial activity and decided to mark the region as French nation.

In 1682 the French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle titled the area Louisiana. This was done in the honor of France's King Louis XIV. The French colony of Louisiana had covered the land on both sides of the Mississippi river and north to the French territory in Canada.

In 1714 Louis Juchereau de St. Denis founded the Natchitoches settlement on the Louisiana territory. This Natchitoches settlement that sought to establish trade with the Spanish in Texas and to deter Spanish progression towards Louisiana, is regarded as the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase territory.

The French settlements contributed greatly to the explorations and outposts along the banks of the Mississippi river and its major tributaries. In 1722 New Orleans was designated as the seat of civilian and military authority.

In the French and Indian war a big part of the then Louisiana territory was lost to the kingdom of Great Britain. The left out area was that of New Orleans and space in vicinity of the Lake Pontchartrain. In 1762 with the treaty of Fontainebleau was signed by France. The treaty was basically several agreements taken up by France. As per the treaty the remaining Louisiana region went under Spain as one of its many colonies.

In 1800 the France's Napoleon Bonaparte took the Louisiana territory back from Spain. This happened under the Treaty of San lldefonso, a secret agreement between France and Spain.

In 1803 Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana territory to United States of America. the purchase was negotiated by President Thomas Jefferson. This purchase of Louisiana and several other territories is historically known as the Louisiana Purchase. The reason of this purchase was Louisiana's importance as a trade and security route.

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