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  • Arizona Chemical - A supplier of pine chemical products including rosins, fatty acids, and terpene.
  • Arkema Inc - A producer of industrial chemicals, including acrylics, PMMA, thiochemicals, fluorochemicals, and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Chemical Associates - Supplier of natural oleochemicals, including fatty acids, fatty alcohols and fatty acid derivatives.
  • Dover Chemical Corporation - A producer of alkylphenols, chlorinated paraffins, polymer additives, liquid and solid antioxidants.
  • FAR Chemical - Offers a variety of organic catalysts are synthesized for polymer manufacturers.
  • Kessler Chemical Inc - A supplier of organic intermediates, specialty solvents, and fine chemicals.
  • Lonza - Offers a line of photoresists, polyimides, thin film systems and other high purity chemicals and services.
  • LyondellBasell - Producer of polypropylene, polypropylene compounds, propylene oxide, polyethylene, ethylene and propylene.
  • Mexichem Specialty Compounds - Manufactures specialty compounds, ranging from flexible PVC & PVC elastomer alloys to styrenic-based & olefinic-based elastomers.
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